One Team – One Dream!

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 Competition Teams

Swindon Lightning Cheerleading Club was founded in November 2011 by Head Coach Millie. From small beginnings with just a senior team, the club now has Tiny, Mini, Junior and Senior competitive teams. The club also has cheer for fun, prep teams, baby gym and toddler tumble. Our competition teams have won numerous 1st, 2nd and 3rd trophies at National competitions achieving the title of Grand Champion in 2018. We came 6th in our division at the Internationals which is our highest achievement to date.

We promote a strong work ethic and require our athletes to work together as a team. We have a dedicated committee and several lead and assistant coaches who have been trained up through the programme. We hope to continue to grow and support the young talent of our hometown and put Swindon on the map when we perform and compete.

Our teams take part in fundraising events, performances, social events, and of course numerous competitions throughout the year.

Get in touch if you are interested in booking a demonstration for your school or sporting event!

Prep team - Bolt


Tiny Team - Flash


Mini team - Sparks


Reign - SLCC competitive team


Senior 3 team - Electro


Coaching Team

All coaches are trained and qualified and are DBS cleared. Swindon Lightning has full Public Liability and Indemnity cover.

For further information on joining please get touch, you can send us an email or complete the form on our contact page.

Millie Little - Lead coach Swindon Lightning Cheerleading Club


Head Coach and Director

Lead coach for Senior team, Gym Babies, Toddler Tumble & Preschool

Lou - Lead coach for SLCC Senior team


Lead Coach

Lead Coach for Senior team

Caitlin - Coach for Youth, Cheer for Fun and Prep teams



Youth team, Cheer for Fun and Prep teams

Eloise - Coach for Junior team and Mini team



Junior team and Mini team

Marie - Coach for Mini team, Cheer for Fun & Prep teams



Mini team, Cheer for Fun and Prep teams

Mia - Coach for Youth team, Cheer for Fun & Prep teams



Youth team, Cheer for Fun and Prep teams